I’m Megan Diño, and  I string words and generate ideas for a living and spend whatever time’s left with a pencil and paper and paint.

This is my umpteenth space in the web (the others have since closed except for my Tumblr), and this is where I’ll be sending you dispatches about stuff that I’m drawn to using the medium that I love – drawings.

I’ve always been fascinated with the human face, and I prefer drawing using pencil, watercolor, and the occasional crayons and colored pencils.

Apart from art, I am drawn to music (a third of my laptop’s storage is dedicated to music; I love going to and crying at concerts haha), food (my face lights up when I think and talk about food; I love making meals as well), and dogs (I am the sidekick to four dogs; I have “dialogues” with them).

For any inquiries, feel free to shoot me an email at megandino@gmail.com.



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