Time for an update, yes?

The past 2 months have been busy, hence the lack of updates. I’ve been meaning to sit down and share all the exciting things and news that have happened since the last post, but I’ve chosen to spend my non-day job time on drawing exercises and churning out new stuff.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to do that soon. Note to self: MAKE TIME.


Anyway, I’m sharing with you the output of today’s exercise feauturing this Filipino journalist who was on the cover of Esquire Philippines. He happens to be a favorite subject as well although I haven’t done any drawings of him recently.

Table situation. Bless this mess.
Table situation. Bless this mess.

I also haven’t done a proper portrait in a while so I got a little carried away and painted almost the entire day. Haha! I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome as I’m trying to veer away from how I typically do portraits, especially on the colors I use. I’m supposed to share a gif of the process, but my computer’s out of whack.

For the curious: Shin Han PWC & Escoda Optimo brushes (viaArtWhale.PH), Daniel Smith watercolor Dot Cards, and Arches Cold Pressed 300gsm 7x10in watercolor block.

This painting is actually for a little collaboration (#MariusxMegan) I’m doing with Marius Oczon (@mariusoczon) on Instagram: he cleverly positions my artworks in the photos he takes with the new Huawei P9. Can’t wait to see what he’ll come up with this one. I’ll be sharing the photos soon, but you may check out the project on Instagram using the hashtag above.

Until the next dispatch! 🙂


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