Commissioned Works Roundup 6.4.2016

I love drawing human faces, and it brings me great joy and honor to be asked to draw them. I’ll probably talk about this in detail in a future post – a condensed version of a talk I gave at the University of Sto. Tomas a couple of months back.

Anyway. I did a quick scan of my posts, and I figured I haven’t featured some of these commissioned portraits.

So here we are and here we go!


First up: my first commissioned portrait in grayscale (Game of Thrones fans, not that kind of grayscale lol). The client dropped by the BGC Art Mart April 2015 leg and contacted me a week after.



A friend also asked me to do a portrait of his close friend for his birthday.



My cousin who flies planes for a living  tapped me to draw his son, my nephew Mado, wearing some vintage flying gear. This portrait was then used for the invite and other collaterals of his first birthday party.



An orgmate from college asked me to draw her in-laws – the most faces I’ve done in a watercolor portrait. This was hand-carried to New Zealand as a gift.



And lastly, my boss commissioned me to draw his mother – a gift for her 88th birthday. What is pressure. Hahaha. This is the biggest I’ve done thus far – 10×14 inches on my beloved Arches hot pressed watercolor block.


Once again, I can’t thank all of my clients enough for entrusting me to do their and their loved ones’ portraits. In the words of Jay-Z, “Thank you, thank you, thank you, you’re far too kind.”

If you’re interested in having one made, just drop me a message on my email: Cheers, guys!


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