Pantone Wallpaper Project: February

Let’s begin with the song behind this month’s entry.

Click play please.

I love Bloc Party so much, I watched them twice in a span of one week in 2013 – in Singapore and then here in Manila. I haven’t listened to their new album though. But anyway.

If you look at the context of the entire song, it’s about a love for a past filled with moments that we hope we experience again in the present. We yearn for, we search for, and we hold on to these moments because they give reason to the otherwise mundane lives we lead.

The original watercolor illustration

 Sometimes these moments involve those shared with your dearly beloved, albeit unreciprocated and therefore, in secret. Often these happen quickly, but your feelings taught you to be mindful both in his presence and in his absence. You take note of everything. And anything.

Grant me Serenity of the Pantone kind

Maybe it’s his hand brushing yours. The emojis he punctuates his messages with. The way he smiles while telling you about his recent adventures. Your split-second glances that make all else fade into a blur.

La Vie en Rose Quartz

You bury your head, your heart, your soul in these moments. For they are all you ever have and all you can ever ask. Yes, they bring you pain, but they too bring you life.

“Just give me moments. Not hours or days.”

Easily one of my favorite lyrics. EVER. And tears inevitably were shed when I heard this live twice.

Drawingdispatches_Feb2016_FOR POSTING
February Wallpaper!

Anyway, someone asked me last month what’s my mix for Serenity and Rose Quartz.

As with the January entry, I still used Shin Han PWC watercolors although this time I opted to use a cold-pressed Arches watercolor block (I typically opt for hot pressed). For Rose Quartz, I used Shell Pink, adding in a bit of Alizarin Crimson for the darker areas. For Serenity, I used Lavender with a little Indigo mixed in it. I also used Neutral Tint for the hair and the darkest features of both faces. (Shin Han PWC is available locally at Art Whale.)

The mix

I then scanned the original watercolor painting and did a little bit of rendering on Photoshop. Click on the links below to download. Enjoy!

1024×7681280×8001440 x990iPhone 6/6siPhone 6/6s Plus

UPDATE: This artwork, as well as the other Pantone Wallpaper project entries, are now available on my Society6 page. Do visit!



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