Pantone Wallpaper Project: January

I’m starting a new project this year – one of the many ideas that are in my phone’s Notes app. I’ve been wanting to do this last year, but I thought of starting it this month because, well, New Year. Haha.

Every month I’ll be dispatching wallpapers of watercolor drawings using this year’s colors per Pantone – Serenity and Rose Quartz. These won’t be my usual portraits of pop culture icons, but perhaps something that’s more conceptual. Probably inspired by a song or a movie or a memory.

Drawingdispatches_Jan2016_FOR POSTING

This month’s wallpaper was inspired by a favorite Jens Lekman song which I remembered at the time I was about to draw it. It’s sad I had to miss his Manila gig as I was somewhere in Laguna for a shoot on that day. Here’s the song:

The song’s pretty straightforward as it has only one line: If I could cry, it would feel like this. I love the contrast of the sad lyric and the happy melody. Also, it reminds me of days when you’d like to let it all out, but you can’t because you should act like you don’t give a fuck or the situation requires a higher level of maturity. And so you swallow your pride and mask your frustration with a hahaha-I’m-so-happy vibe.

Adulthood. Ha!

Anyway, here we go. Just click on the links below to download. If you have suggestions on the size, comment below, and I’ll try to update it. Spread the word and enjoy!

1024×7681280 x 8001440×900iPhone6/6siPhone6/6s Plus

UPDATE: This artwork, as well as my other Pantone Wallpaper Project entries, are now up and are on sale on my Society6 page. Do visit!



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