Late Last Dispatch for 2015

I’ve welcomed 2016 with a bang, and by bang I mean an explosion of deadlines from my day job (I deal with words and ideas to make people buy stuff lol). As such, I wasn’t able to really formally close the year in this space.

I don’t really believe in starting the new year with a clean slate. I welcome it by keeping with me the moments and experiences that have made the past year colorful. And so I would like to express a heartfelt THANK YOU to my family, colleagues, friends both old and new, and to everyone who pushed me, guided me, and supported me with last year’s dreams, endeavors, and adventures. You know who you are. Thank you for making the past year colorful.

And so here’s my wish: that we all paint 2016 with 2015’s most inspiring and most beautiful hues, and may we discover new ones to make this year even brighter. After all, we create our days, and we create our years. Our lives are our opus.

Here’s to a vibrant 2016!




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