Red My Lips

Red has never been a favorite color. In fact, I don’t own anything in that color (except a shirt for work), but the only time I can take it is if I wear it in small doses, as in the lips.

And since it’s the season’s default color, I thought I’d do quick watercolor drawings of my favorite lip colors/combos and rename them with those that are season-appropriate.

Photo 25-12-2015, 3 40 49 PM

Here we go (from bottom left)

Christmas Carmageddon. A color that reminds one of the terrible traffic caused by the mad rush to go to the next Christmas party venue or to the mall to shop for gifts or to pig out. Very dangerous. This is one of the reasons one should reconsider spending the holidays here in Metro Manila. Really.

Stop Right Now Thank You Very Much. Whether it’s the pseudo-diet or the continuous influx of deadlines, this is my plea. I need a break. Hear me. Also a lyric from a favorite Spice Girl song.

Smile Like You Mean It. Also a favorite from The Killers. A color reminiscent of dried blood which warns those who ask you awkward questions during gatherings that you devour people for breakfast, but in the spirit of Christmas, you’ll give them a pass.

Awkward questions and remarks include: “How’s *insert name of former flame*?” “When are you getting married?” “Don’t you want to have children now?”

Merry, Merry Merlot. Because the only Christmas spirit I have is the kind that comes in bottles and shared among family and friends.

There you have it. ‘Tis the season to swipe on that color although frankly, I use these colors all year round.

This is no beauty blog, but in case you’re wondering what  MAC products are those: lip liners are Mahogany and Burgundy while lipsticks are Viva Glam 1, Dangerous, and Studded Kiss. Watercolors used are a mix of Shin Han PWC and Shin Han Professional Watercolor on VifArt postcards.

Now let me resume slaving in the kitchen, feeding my food belly, playing with old LEGO blocks while drinking wine, and taking selfies with my dogs.

Season’s Eatings, folks!



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