Holiday Rush! Aaaah!

Life has been incredibly busy the last few weeks as I have been juggling deadlines for my day job and for my other pursuits, i.e. painting watercolor portraits and turning them into merchandise (plus commissions on the side yay).

It’s Monday once again so I’m rushing to post this to say :

(1) THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who dropped by, said hello, and bought my stuff at the BGC Art Mart last week. If your visit led you here, HELLO!

Photo 05-12-2015, 12 22 17 PM
I’m selling fan art basically so fans are obligatory. 😛
Photo 05-12-2015, 4 20 57 PM
Three of the country’s lettering superstars dropped by!L-R Patrick Cabral, Abbey Sy, and Alessa Lanot
Photo 06-12-2015, 4 04 57 PM
The Agatha and Zero Wooden Canvas prints was sold to this lovely Wes Anderson fan. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN! ❤ 

Also, both the James Reid and Jon Snow bags were sold out. Woohoo! Yay! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Original watercolor paintings and Wooden Canvas prints as well as postcards are still available though.

Photo 05-12-2015, 8 50 42 AM
Let it Snow, let it Snow, let it Snow.
Photo 07-12-2015, 10 35 52 AM
Gratis from James Reid

This brings me to…

(2) … MY FRIENDLY REMINDER NO. 1. If you missed out on the Art Mart, don’t fret because you can still order my stuff and have them shipped! I just recently sent two tote bags to Singapore (which I sorely miss and want to visit for the 6th (?) time).

Just send me a message at

Photo 11-12-2015, 9 28 04 AM
Sent these to Singapore!
Photo 05-12-2015, 8 57 05 AM
NEW designs: I Really Like You (Carly); Sorry (Bieber); Hello (Adele); I Love You (JGL)
Photo 11-12-2015, 8 08 03 AM
Westeros Christmas gift tags: Daenerys and Her Christmas Elves, Tyrion and His Christmas Spirit, and Jon Snow and the White Walker

I’ve also slashed the prices off my previous merch which you can see here.  I’ve decided to not reproduce my designs anymore so here’s your chance to get them while supplies last. Hehe. 😛

Oh and in case you want merch in another form…

(3)  Here’s FRIENDLY REMINDER NO.2: Society6 is on Day8 of its super awesome Nine Days of Nifty Gifties promo wherein SHIPPING IS FREE plus plus plus there are different promos everyday! Check out my Society6 page.

As of press time, they’re slashing $5 off on stocking stuffers such as mugs, phone cases, tote bags, etc. I already bought stuff, and I’m just waiting for them to be shipped here. Woohoo!

Photo 13-12-2015, 9 36 02 AM
16x16in Throw Pillow covers
Photo 10-12-2015, 1 47 16 PM
iPhone cases

That’s all for now. The year is about to end, and I’m in review mode as well as prep mode, but do expect more posts once the holiday mode comes (which means we don’t have to go to the office until the new year).

See you soon!


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