Le Fabuleux Destin

“Without you, today’s emotions will be the scurf of yesteryears.”
Today marks the 14th year since the release of one of my forever favorites, Amelie. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know why I placed the drawing beside the lamp. If you haven’t, why? Hahaha!
As a friend pointed out, I too also feel compelled to order creme brulee whenever it’s on the menu, and I have to crack it with a spoon ala Amelie. 

An old local TVC for a brand of cough syrup (Robitussin? Not sure. Ack.) referenced the scene where little Amelie was eating raspberries, and when I saw it I almost gave the TV a high five. Haha. If you know the writer/agency of that TVC, please extend my very late kudos. 

Wish I could find my original DVD box set so I can watch this again. Le sigh.


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