Jon Snow, Hair to the Throne

Last August, I received an email that gave me kilig (is there an English translation for this?): I was asked by Jo and Kathrina of Wooden Canvas to be one of their featured artists.

I met them briefly at the BGC Art Mart last April. They print artworks and photos on wood, and I vowed that someday I’ll have some of my stuff printed.

The kilig also comes from the fact that I’m a fan of the other 2 featured artists: Wiji Lacsamana and AJ Dimarucot. I’ve been a fan of AJ since 2007, I think, and I’m so happy he was one of the guys behind the new branding of the UP Fighting Maroons – the sports team of my alma mater.

Anyway, I said YES, OF COURSE!  And so you may now get my artworks printed on wood. Yay! These make great gifts, you know, because Christmas is coming. Hehe.

Check out my line-up by clicking the logo below. 🙂

And speaking of seasons that are about to come, I thought of creating a new artwork specifically for Wooden Canvas. I like drawing stuff and people that I’m drawn to and one recent obsession is Game of Thrones.

Let it Snow.

I’ll be honest: I didn’t get it at first. I refused to join the bandwagon. I just didn’t care.

I remember meeting my friends a few years back, and I found myself in the middle of a passionate discussion on who dies next. Being clueless and uninterested, I was left with no choice but to check on my social media accounts while chugging beer for what felt like forever. Hahaha.

This year, however, I noticed 2 of my siblings staying up later than usual to do GoT marathons. And just like my obsessed friends, they too were pretty passionate in discussing the details. This must be something, I thought.

And so one weekend, I pressed play and watched Ned Stark, King of the North, sentence someone to death. True enough, after watching the first few episodes, I was convincing everyone to come join me and get obsessed watch it. My mother finished the entire series in less than 2 weeks. Other officemates who I have convinced are also done. As for me, I have yet to start Season 5, but as soon as my schedule permits me to, I will. And once I’m done with it, I’ll start reading the books. The books have been giving me side glances from my bookshelf. Hahaha.

Also, I have requested my father who plays the guitar professionally to play the show’s theme on classical guitar. Yay!

Ah, fandom.


So anyway, I decided to draw the most popular of the characters: Jon Snow.

I made one artwork, and I was okay until I had to paint the hair. It was so fugly I had to junk it and start from scratch. Haha. One of the things creative folks must learn and must be adept in doing is killing their babies. In this case, I sentenced this portrait to death and drove a sword straight to its head. LOL

Rework, rework, rework

I don’t know, but it felt right creating the next one. Here’s a little confession: I actually like my portraits undone, in that the other parts still need to be painted on and you can see the pencil marks.

Favorite ❤

I think I was able to execute his stare better, yes?

Eye see you.

My original plan for the hair was to create fluid wavy strokes. It didn’t work out so I had to laboriously paint the hair, this time with many layers to create the signature Jon Snow disheveled winter-is-coming-and-I-don’t-have-time-for-a-haircut look.

Thoughts while doing the hair:

1. This is an arm workout.

2. I have naturally wavy hair which I leave disheveled on purpose so I guess drawing my own hair will be a workout too.

3. Despite being a workout and despite not being my favorite thing to draw, painting hair was a little meditative.

Arm workout

I used a hot pressed Arches watercolor block and a basic Rembrandt watercolor palette for this artwork.

I also took photos of the process using my phone. All photos were taken using my phone actually as I can’t be bothered to whip out my camera when I’m in the moment haha.

 Here’s a time-lapse of sorts:


If you notice, the lighting changes. That’s because I painted this for several days in between my day job and sleeping. Hahaha. I stayed up late at night and then woke up when the whole world was still asleep. I also lost sleep watching the series, so it’s all good. LOL.

There you have it, Jon Snow, Hair to the Throne. Hahahaha. FYI: the pun is definitely intended. 😉

Again, Christmas is coming and works of art make great gifts. *wink* Get yours from Wooden Canvas: Jon Snow!

Get this at Wooden Canvas! 🙂

And today’s even more special because Game of Thrones won Outstanding Drama Series and Peter Dinklage aka Tyrion Lannister won Outstanding Supporting Actor. Woohoo!

Next up: Khaleesi! Yay!


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