Band of Brothers

It’s not everyday that you get a notification on your phone telling you that one of your favorite members from a kid’s show in the nineties now follows you on Instagram.

It’s not everyday that she asks you for a portrait commission.

It’s not everyday that this commission involves one of the country’s solid rock groups who happen to be celebrating their 10th year making music and making fans swoon. 😉

Close-up of this Callalily commission (PS I adore alliteration haha)

Interestingly, I already did a portrait of Callalily’s bass player, Aaron Ricafrente, last year.

2014 portrait

This time however, I had to do the whole band. Any project that’s music-related excites me, so I was EXCITED and anxious at the same time (as with any commission).

Chynna Ortaleza had ideas for this particular piece – a vision. This wasn’t my typical commission where I just draw the subjects as in the provided reference: I had separate photos of the Callalily guys, and I had to lay them out together as in Chynna’s peg.

So I did some quick pencil studies first, and once the layout was approved, I then proceeded to do a study in watercolor. It’s always best to do a study first because unlike Photoshop/Illustrator, you can’t just change your mind and Cmd+Z what you’ve started. 😉

(Side note: Sometimes when I’m drawing and I commit a mistake, my brain commands me to Cmd+Z. Hahaha. Does this happen to you too?)

Another close-up of this Callalily commission (PS I adore alliteration haha)

I was able to take photos with my phone as I did the final artwork, so I’m sharing with you a very short video of the process.

And here’s the final artwork, which I gave to Chynna in person one rainy Saturday afternoon. I used a cold pressed St. Cuthbert Mills watercolor block and Rembrandt watercolors.

Obligatory flatlay ;P

She had an Arctic Monkeys bag with her that I secretly wanted to steal, but I’m a nice person and I don’t steal things so I just gushed and made a mental note to get myself one in the future. Hahaha! So glad to meet her in person! And hurray for Arctic Monkeys fans!

Now while I was in the process of making the portrait, I found out that Cynthia Arre was also doing something related for Callalily.

Watch out because Cynthia’s working her magic on their new album. You can get updates by following the hashtag #CynxCLcollab on Instagram.

And in case you didn’t know, apart from her awesome acting skills, Chynna also writes and makes art as well, and she created this mixed media piece using my illustration.

Instant collab, wooohoo!

MARAMING SALAMAT again, Chynna, for entrusting me to work on this, and HAPPY 10TH YEAR, Kean, Tatsi, Aaron, and Lem of CALLALILY! Here’s to rocking OPM! Yay!

Happy 10 years of rocking out! 😀

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