Bed Weather *yawns*

Nothing says “It’s rainy season!” like a week of unpredictable rain. And because I live in manic Manila, the traffic situation worsens even more when there’s water involved. Rain means traffic of apocalyptic, slash-your-wrists levels.

Which is why sometimes instead of wasting time being stuck on the road, I’d rather work from home because at least I know I’ll get shit done… despite the bad bed weather lulling me to sleep.


I did this little painting last week during one of those rainy afternoons while waiting for emails and updates. I used the 7×10 Arches cold pressed block which I got from Art Friend in Singapore last January plus the Rembrandt watercolor set which I normally use for commissioned work, paintings I plan to sell, and other “special” projects.

*yawns again*

I’d have to say I did get quite sleepy drawing this. And a friend told me that as well so yay. I guess the drawing was effective? Yay!

*yawns for the third time*

I also took some process photos, and by some I mean less than 10. Haha. So here’s a very short look on the process:

A video posted by Megan Diño (@megandino) on Jul 10, 2015 at 2:27am PDT


Storms are coming (winter is coming haha), so I guess there’s nothing left to do but to brace for more sleep-inducing days ahead. *yawns*


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