Dispatches from the BGC Art Mart

It’s been a week since BGC Art Mart, but let me say I’m still reeling from it.

DDBlog_ArtMartApril_day 1
Day 1 – April 11

Here’s the thing: it’s the first time I set up and manned a physical shop. I’ve been selling stuff over at Society6 and have been doing some commissioned works, but being an actual tindera was something I haven’t tried.

So yes, I was excited and anxious.   

When I got the confirmation that I was part of the April line-up, I had to start working and I had to work fast. Friends and family pitched their ideas for personalities that I should include in the line-up. The schedule was a bit tight (I have a day job hehe), but it was the Holy Week the week before so I had time to draw at least 4 new faces. And it was probably the most productive staycation, thus far.

Friends and officemates recommended suppliers, and I was really happy they accommodated my orders despite the short lead time. I was so happy, I had to use the hashtag #blessed. Hahaha.

So anyway, here’s the line-up.

Benedict Cumberbatch
Tom Hiddleston
Zayn Malik, ex-One Direction member
Agatha and Zero from Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel
Cristiano Ronaldo
Leo Messi
Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend

And since this leg was in conjunction with Madrid Fusion Manila, we were required to produce at least one food-themed artwork. I was able to produce the first of a series I’ve had in my head for a while now.

The idea is to draw things that I am drawn to eat and to present the feeling I get from eating these things. So here’s Comfort Food No. 1: Chicharon, which are pieces of pork fat and skin dried and fried to a crisp and best served with ice cold beer or Coke.

Comfort Food No. 1: Chicharon

Anyway. I seriously got a kick from seeing fans’ reactions, especially those who love Cumberbatch and Hiddleston. There were siblings who told me, “BLESS YOU. Bless you for making these.”

I’m a fan of many folks myself (although mostly of bands and models), and the reason I draw them and buy merch that feature them is that it’s my way of expressing my obsession admiration. So every time some passerby geeks out, I smile and I laugh out loud because I know very well how they feel.

The family’s Cumberbitch showing admiration for the Cumberbag.

Someone who passed by (“Ooh! Aquarella!” “Si! Yes!”) suggested I display the original artworks as well, which I did on Day 2. Yup, these prints are digital renderings of actual watercolor paintings.

Original watercolor portraits

And since this was a first for me, I got to meet very, very talented folks whose works I see on social media and I am a fan of. It was great meeting them IRL although I have to kick my ass for being too shy to say hi to some (Hello, Cynthia Arre!).

Salutations from some of my loot

So I’d like this to do a quick shout-out to family, friends, and officemates who lent a helping hand: THANK YOU so much for guiding this ngarag girl hahaha. And to those who dropped by and bought merch, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! To the fellow crafters and artists I’ve met at the Art Mart and through social media, THANK YOU for the support and for spreading good vibes. And THANK YOU, BGC for putting up a platform for artists, esp. noobs like me. Kudos!

DDBlog_ArtMartApril_day 2
Day 2 – April 12

And let me end this post by inviting you to the May 24 leg of the BGC Art Mart. I’ll be there selling new stuff apart from those that were in the April leg. I took note of the portrait suggestions, and I’m currently working on some of them plus other conceptual shiz haha.

If you’d like to avail of the current stuff I’m selling, here’s the price list:

  • POSTCARDS – Php100 each, but if you get 2 or more pieces, it’s at Php80 each
  • PRINTS – Php250 each (with no frame), but if you get 2 or more pieces, it’s at Php230 each
  • TOTES –  Php400 each, but if you get 2 or more pieces, it’s at Php350 each

There’ll be an additional charge for the shipping, depending on where you’re located.

I’m in the process of fixing things so it’ll be easier to order online, but for now, you may email me at megandino@gmail. com. And to those who may be wondering, yes, I do commissions too. Just shoot me an email or message.

See you at the next BGC Art Mart! 😀


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