From A to Z

I have yet to see all of Wes Anderson’s films, but I have greatly loved his latest, The Grand Budapest Hotel (which won awards at the Oscars, btw. Yay!).

So much so that I drew Agatha and Zero.

Agatha and Zero
Zero and Agatha

We’ve temporarily moved into an apartment with walls painted in confectionary pink. I’m not the biggest fan of pink so one of the things that made me “accept” this temporary living space is that the walls are in the shade of Mendl’s pink. Hahaha.

Anyway, I have a Society6 page, and I’ve posted the artwork there. I wanted to see the quality of their tote bags  so in one of their Free Shipping Days, I got myself the bag.

I was in Singapore this January, and on some days I used it, e.g. at Laneway Festival.

File 3-15-15, 4 15 03 PM
Festival nourishment 🙂

On another day I was at Ion Orchard with a friend, waiting for our other friends to arrive. A couple approached us, and I initially thought they were to ask for directions. I was ready to tell them to go ask my friend since I was just a visiting tourist.

I got the surprise of my life when the girl told me that she loved my bag and that could I share where I got it. When I told her that I drew the artwork and that I was selling the bag, the look on their faces were priceless:  it’s as if they couldn’t believe it. Obviously, my day (and the days after) were made.

Agatha and Zero
Bag it.

So if you loved the film as well and would want to tote around Agatha and Zero, head over to my Society6 page. Artwork is there in the form of bags, shirts, iPhone cases, etc.

Get your hands on this lobby boy, haha!

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 4.25.04 PM

I plan to create more Wes Anderson pairs (and then some) so do watch out for that space.


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