Nope, this isn’t about tearing up although I kind of tear up when I get asked to do commissions: to be trusted to create something is always an honor.

Last year, I was able to work on some commissioned portraits that were all given as gifts – which made these projects extra special.  🙂


Bianca found me over at Tumblr, and this was actually the second portrait she commissioned me to create. This was given to a friend.



Me-ann, a friend from college, asked me to create this portrait of her and her boyfriend, which she gave as a gift for Christmas.



Me-ann referred me to her friend, Pat. She also asked me to do a portrait of her and her boyfriend.


Plus a portrait of her boyfriend who plays the bass for local rock group, Callalily.



Gem, a friend from high school, also asked me to paint her husband and their son.


The original intention, however, was to have this printed on a pillow case. I’ll post a photo of the printed artwork soon.

And in case you want to have your portrait drawn by yours truly, just shoot me an email over at megandino@gmail.com. 🙂


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