Wear your art on your sleeve

Last August 2014, I was tapped by Finney Santos of Empire Shirts for a very interesting project: create watercolor portraits of sportsmen which will be printed on shirts using the new Epson fabric printer.

I am no sports buff: my idea of sportsmen are limited to the likes of David Beckham who I knew because he is the husband of my favorite Spice Girl. So I had to seek advice from the family’s sports fans: my brothers.

The deadline was tight so I came up with 2 portraits. The first was of my favorite fictional basketball star, Jackie Moon, played by Will Ferrell.

Jackie Moon
Jackie Moon from the movie Semi-Pro

The second was my brothers’ suggestion: FC Barcelona’s Lionel “Leo” Messi from Argentina, apparently the greatest football player alive.

Lionel “Leo” Messi

I was able to see the shirts on the day of the launch, and I was really impressed with the print. The details, e.g. washes and pencil marks, even the texture of the paper I used can be seen! Also, I like the fact that it wasn’t embossed, which makes the shirt super comfortable to wear. According to Finney, the printing process took only a few minutes, and it was practically like printing on paper. Finney also tested the shirts by washing them several times, and the designs didn’t fade.

artwork on shirt
artwork on shirt
The shirts as worn by the models

Apart from the shirts, the launch also showcased other apparel created using fabric printed with the Epson printer. I’m partial to blues, grays, and whites, so Avel Bacudio’s collection was an instant favorite.

Avel Bacudio for Epson
Avel Bacudio for Epson

Thanks again, Finney, Empire Shirts, and Epson Philippines. Yay!

Check this out for more details on the printer.


Being the non-sports buff that I am, I was surprised that a lot knew of this Messi dude, and there were fans among my friends. So I made this portrait available at my Society6 page. Do check it out. 🙂

This artwork at Society6
This artwork at Society6

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